Light House Awarded a Phillips Charitable Foundation Grant

April 11th, 2022

Pantry volunteer

Light House Pantry Coordinator, Kelly Rulle helping set up at The Light House open-air market food pantry. Last year alone, The Light House distributed over 270,000 pounds of healthy pantry items to food insecure neighbors.

The Light House has been awarded a $20,000 grant from Phillips Charitable Foundation, Inc. This generous funding directly supports The Light House’s many homeless prevention and support services and provides much needed assistance as the organization continues to serve a record number of individuals and families in the community.

“Phillips Charitable Foundation is committed to supporting The Light House for the tireless work they do for the vulnerable in our community,” stated President & Founder of Phillips Charitable Foundation, Eileen Gross. “Their approach to providing not only housing but also job training leads to lasting solutions for our neighbors in need.”

For over 30 years, The Light House has been providing these lasting solutions to neighbors who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the organization has been serving 40% more individuals and families overall and the funds from this grant will help The Light House continue to meet this increase in demand.

“Many of the challenges experienced by those we serve at The Light House have continued to increase during these past two years,” stated Heather Cassity, Interim Executive Director at The Light House. “This includes limited housing options, dramatic increases in rent, rising costs of food and household goods, and an ever-growing mental health crisis. The Light House provides a broad spectrum of critical services, including food for a growing number of food insecure community members, safe housing for people experiencing homelessness, wrap-around case management services, employment training and assistance for people who have lost their jobs, and many other vital basic needs programs. This generous support from our friends at Phillips Charitable Foundation will help increase our reach and impact as we continue to work side-by-side with our most vulnerable community members.”

Last year alone, The Light House provided emergency and transitional housing for 189 individuals including 25 children. In addition, their Safe Harbour Resource Center staff assisted over 280 households at risk of losing their housing and successfully prevented them from becoming homeless. The Light House also distributed over 270,000 pounds of healthy pantry items and provided over 83,000 meals to individuals and families struggling with homelessness and food insecurity. Since the Covid-19 crisis began, their employment training programs have also graduated over 90 students.

About Phillips Charitable Foundation: The Phillips Charitable Foundation’s mission is to support charitable organizations that provide a genuine impact in the lives of others by solving problems, removing obstacles, and leading to lasting solutions. The organization targets problems where government interventions are not sufficient and economic and educational markets have failed to bring solutions. Through their grant giving they aim to bring measurable improvements in the prosperity, health, and vitality of people and communities. More information about Phillips Charitable Foundation can be found at