Lisa’s Story

Lisa is a resident in one of our Light House transitional housing properties—a home that provides affordable housing for five previously homeless women.

“This is the most stable my life has been in a long time” Lisa said when asked about her time at The Light House. “I feel safe here.”

Before coming to The Light House, feeling safe and getting a good night of sleep had not been possible for Lisa for a long time. An Anne Arundel County native, Lisa had spent decades building a life for herself by working in local banks and in retail. When rental prices began increasing and Lisa’s health began declining, her life became progressively more difficult to manage. She soon found herself unable to find any affordable stable housing. Chronic pain from severe back and spine injuries eventually made steady employment impossible as well.

“It was an exhausting time. For years I had been moving so much just trying to find a place I could afford. I even lived in a tent outside for over a month. I look back and have a hard time putting all the pieces together of how I made it through.”

Thankfully after years of housing instability and homelessness, Lisa found The Light House and her path to a brighter future. Lisa moved into The Light House Emergency Residential Program and was provided with a safe place to sleep, food, and other vital wraparound care. With the help of her Light House Client Advocate, Lisa was able to coordinate medical care, secure benefits, and better address the root causes of her health issues and chronic pain. Lisa later moved into our Light House Transitional Housing Program where her Client Advocate continued to help her stabilize her health and guide her towards sustainable housing.

We’re happy to report that Lisa’s health continues to improve and she is on track to move into her very own apartment at the end of this year!

When asked what her most positive experience with The Light House has been, Lisa replied “The people. You develop friendships here and everyone is so kind. The people at The Light House saved my life.”

Your support of The Light House ensures that we can continue to provide neighbors, like Lisa, with the life-changing programs and services they need to find their path back home.