Eric’s Story

Photo of resident Eric

Eric never imagined he would end up experiencing homelessness. An Anne Arundel County native, Eric grew up with his parents, graduated from college, and entered the workforce. At an early age he began to struggle with addiction, but luckily Eric was able to turn to his mother for guidance and soon got back on track.

“The only reason I’m still here on this planet is because my mother. I had a drug problem and I should have died out there, but my mom was always there for me.”

For 18 years while living with his mother near Annapolis, Eric worked to stay sober and was employed locally in retail positions. Sadly his life took a painful turn when his mother passed away a few years ago. While Eric was still grieving this loss, he experienced the added stress of no longer being able to afford to stay in the home they had shared for almost two decades.

Unable to find an affordable place to live, Eric began living out of hotels which quickly depleted his savings. He slept many months in his car still hoping to find a way to make it all work, but soon the stress of experiencing homelessness along with the painful loss of his mother led him back down a path of addiction.

Thankfully, a friend told him to reach out to The Light House.

“I’m so grateful she told me to call The Light House, because otherwise I don’t know what I would have done.”

At The Light House, Eric found a path to a brighter future. He soon moved into The Light House Emergency Residential Program and was provided with a safe place to sleep, food, and other vital wraparound care. With the help of his Light House Client Advocate, Eric was able to coordinate medical care, secure benefits, and better address the root causes of his addiction. During his time at The Light House, Eric was able to set aside emergency savings and build up enough to cover first months rent and a security deposit.

We are happy to report that after years of struggling with homelessness, Eric recently moved into his very own apartment and is excited to start planning for a brighter future.

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Donate during our June Matching Gift Challenge and you will double your impact for neighbors like Eric!

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