Client Story Tameka

Tameka’s Story

Light House Director of Culinary Services, Linda Vogler (left) and Light House Executive Director, Jo Ann Mattson (center), presenting Tameka (right) with her graduation certificate.

Where would you go if you were trying to move past a lifetime of trauma, addiction, homelessness, abuse, and a criminal record? These are the barriers Tameka faced as she struggled to rebuild her life. After successfully completing inpatient drug treatment, Tameka was still unsure how to achieve long-term stability for herself and her children.

Thankfully, The Light House was there to provide comprehensive care, hands-on employment training, soft-skills classes, on-the-job training through employer partners, and resume writing assistance. Her Light House Client Advocate also helped her clear her criminal record and enroll in GED preparation classes. Tameka now has a full-time management job, is on track to transition to fair market housing, and plans to attend community college to further her career. At her recent Light House employment training graduation, Tameka expressed her gratitude by stating, “trauma and addiction took a huge toll on my life, but The Light House was there to lift me up. I’m now able to support myself, spend time with my beautiful children, and plan for a stable future.”

Your support ensures that we can continue to provide our neighbors struggling to move past addiction and trauma with the life-changing programs and services they need to find their path back home.

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