Barry’s Story

Barry (pictured above) recently reached out to us to share his story of hope.

Barry spent decades successfully working as a contractor while raising his children, but when he experienced the devastating loss of his wife, followed by the loss of his home, he was unable to cope. This trauma led Barry down a painful path of addiction and homelessness that would last for years. Finally, after being hospitalized for a critical medical condition, he decided it was time to make a positive change.

Barry worked hard to complete months of addiction treatment, and just as he was finishing these programs, the Covid-19 crisis began. Without a job or stable home, and with cataracts that severely impaired his vision, Barry was unsure how he could achieve long-term stability, especially during a major public health crisis. Thankfully, The Light House was there to provide Barry with food, clothing, and a safe space to live. His Client Advocate helped him address the underlying issues preventing him from living a healthy and stable life. He was connected with healthcare, employment training, sustainable housing, and was hired full-time at a local business.

“The Light House gave me the opportunity to build myself back up. I have a safe home now, I’m sober, and I’m proud of where I am today. The staff welcomed me with open arms and showed me I’m worthy of a brighter future.” – Barry

YOUR support of The Light House ensures that even during times of great crisis we can continue to provide our neighbors, like Barry, with the life-changing programs and services they need to find their path back home.