A story of hope from this past week

Dear Light House Community,

Just last week a young couple came through our doors having walked two and a half miles in the cold carrying their five-month-old child and everything they own. They had recently given up their apartment because it was infested with mold and was making their child seriously ill. Unable to find an affordable option and both working full time, they found themselves living out of a motel with money quickly running out. Finally, they reached a point where they couldn’t afford another night.

As you can imagine, they were exhausted and frightened when they came into The Light House. After enjoying a hot meal, they sat down with our Homelessness Prevention and Diversion Specialist. Because the need is so great, all of our shelter spaces were full, and there were no affordable apartments immediately available. Fortunately, our caring staff was able to find a safe solution; they negotiated with a local hotel to give a discounted rate for a few weeks and reached out to our local benevolence groups and church groups who quickly stepped up to cover the remaining costs. This family is now out of danger, they aren’t at risk of losing their jobs, and will continue to have help in their search for affordable and sustainable housing.

This was just one example of the countless times I have seen compassion turn into action here at The Light House. This holiday season please consider the many individuals, families, and children who still need our help. Donate today to ensure that food, shelter, and life-changing programs are available to our most vulnerable neighbors.

With a heart filled with gratitude,

Jo Ann Mattson,
Executive Director, The Light House